Month: August 2022


[ad_1] Assume that you will do a PPC Search Campaign for Finlandia Health Store ( Visit their website and think about how to organize their PPC account into different campaigns and ad groups. I would recommend watching my videos in Week Five before you do this exercise and before you start the simulation. Instructions:  – Make …

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Create a folktale variant

[ad_1] file:///Users/moeyymoe/Downloads/McNeill,%20Lynne%20S.%20-%20Folklore%20Rules%20_%20a%20Fun,%20Quick,%20and%20Useful%20Introduction%20to%20the%20Field%20of%20Academic%20Folklore%20Studies.-Utah%20State%20University%20Press%20(2013).pdf [ad_2]

What is fiction?

[ad_1]   After watching the videos below, answer the following questions:  What is fiction? What is a static character? What is a dynamic character? Identify the different elements of fiction. How do fictional authors use real life to inspire their writing? Your response must be a minimum of 150 words to an external …

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[ad_1] More people are becoming interested in detox diets and organ health. As a health educator, one of your roles is differentiating evidence versus popular media and marketing. In this discussion, we will explore evidence that supports the role of nutrition in liver health to add to your ability to differentiate nutrition science from media. …

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neuroplasticity, anatomy

[ad_1]   While neurons cannot regenerate, learning experiences and life exposures contribute to neuroplasticity. In this discussion, we will examine what neuroplasticity is, and how allied health providers can utilize this concept to help patients develop positive health behaviors. Initial post: Read the following article, Neuroplasticity and Clinical Practice: Building Brain Power for Health. Then, …

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Healthcare Policy and Delivery Systems

[ad_1]  Discussion Most of the services/support provided for human trafficking (HT) victim come after they have been trafficked and can be considered as secondary interventions. Review some of the possible risk factors associated with becoming an HT victim, and discuss some possible primary interventions that could service to help prevent or reduce HT. Rationale must …

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erm d16

[ad_1]  locate an interesting topic on risk, a model, framework, some approach to minimizing risk, etc. Here are some pointers that will help critically evaluate some viable topics: Is the topic attainable for a first-time dissertation student Is the problem rooted in the literature? Is the research empirical, i.e., is there a survey, is there …

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