Month: August 2022

Develop a Mixed Methods Research Strategy

[ad_1] For this assignment, you must identify a research problem appropriate for a mixed methods research study and write a paper describing how you would address that research problem.  Your paper should include the following: Problem statement Purpose statement Data collection plan Data analysis plan   Length: 4- page academic paper, not including title and reference …

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Course Reflection

[ad_1] Considering your experiences, and current trends in curriculum, instruction, and assessment, write a 500-750 word reflection on your professional growth during the course (knowledge, skills, and dispositions) and its effect on your perception of the principal role as curriculum leader. Support your reflection with 1-2 scholarly resources. [ad_2]

IDS 403 Final Project

[ad_1] In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency: Analyze the evolving role of technology in one’s discipline of study or chosen profession by investigating the influence of technology on modern culture  Integrate interdisciplinary approaches for determining how technology affects modern identity in personal and professional contexts  Explain how technology influences …

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APA , Nursing

[ad_1] Kindly respond to the discussion post. 250words, APA format, 1-2 references. Thank you. After completing this program I am more aware of evidence-based practices and their effects on nursing care. I am also able to think about what is ethically correct in my practice. This change project has shown me just how much planning …

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Discussion Post

[ad_1] Please respond to the following in a substantive post:  Outline a brief history of Miranda v. Arizona. Explain how the Miranda rule affects law enforcement procedures for the interrogation and questioning of suspects.   [ad_2]