Month: September 2022

Global Transportation and Politics

[ad_1] How does politics influences in global transportation and logistics?  what is the economic impacts of political influences? What are the environmental considerations and effects? What is the purpose of diplomatic clearances?  APA 7 1500 words Minimum of 5 peer reviewed citations. [ad_2]

700- 900 Word answer

[ad_1]    Read and analyze the case attached and answer the questions at the end of the case. Answers should include concepts from the reading, along with any insights the student has gained from professional experience. case is attached  [ad_2]

hw psy

[ad_1]  Prompt:In chapter three you learned about the biological foundations of behavior. In this discussion, I would like for you to watch the following video. How does this relate to what you learned in this chapter? What are the potential research areas that this could apply to? How does this impact what we know about …

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Building a Case for Blockchain Efficiencies

[ad_1]   The formation of komgo, a private blockchain linking the financial interests of global trade is an interesting case in how interested parties can collaborate to streamline operations across the globe. Read the “komgo Case Study – May 2019” along with reading chapters 1-4 and analyze how this blockchain has achieved significant efficiencies for …

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HW1 for

[ad_1]  Learning Outcome: The purpose is to evaluate the performance level that students have achieved in the practical application of skills taught in the basic courses: 1) critical reading, 2) critical thinking, 3) critical writing, 4) information literacy before moving forward in the course.  Students may be referred to the Center for Academic Excellence for …

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Industry Challenges to Healthcare Analytics

[ad_1] According to Davenport (2014) the organizational value of healthcare analytics, both determination and importance, provide a potential increase in annual revenue and ROI based on the value and use of analytics. To complete this assignment, research and evaluate the challenges faced in the implementation of healthcare analytics in the Health Care Organization (HCO) or …

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