Month: October 2022

Effects of screen time on kids

[ad_1] MP1: Screen time limits children’s opportunities to get active or spend time outdoors. MP2: The consequential effects of screen time on children’s mental health. MP3: Excessive screen time can cause a gap between children and their parents. [ad_2]

Law and Ethics – PowerPoint Presentation

[ad_1] Presentation Scenario / Presentation instructions: As you have read, the Clean Air Act of 1970 regulates the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. Under this law, national ambient air-quality standards are set, and the release of certain major pollutants – particulates, toxins, and compounds that deplete stratospheric ozone, that contribute to acid rain, and …

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[ad_1] PLEASE UPLOAD EACH ASSIGNMENT SEPARATELY Cybersecurity Part I Assignment As a nurse or healthcare professional, it is important to realize that cybersecurity is a real phenomenon in healthcare. The Internet of Things (I.o.T.) has grown over the years allowing many medical devices and consumer wearables to interconnect with hospital EHR. However, the current state …


Answer questions

[ad_1] Please answer at least THREE of the following questions after reading the article .  According to observers in the 1920s. what were the primary advantages and disadvantages of commercial radio broadcasting? Was radio “a blessing or a curse”? Why? What could radio offer individuals and society that was unique and revolutionary? How did supporters …

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answer questions

[ad_1] Read The Article Answer questions 1. What is Addams’ attitude toward popular culture? 2. Is there a sense of Addams’ attitude toward urban culture? 3. How do you think an immigrant in the early 19th Century would have responded to Addams’ writing? 4. What similarities do you see in Addams’ concerns and concerns about media and popular culture …

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[ad_1] Purpose In this discussion, you will demonstrate your understanding of the general relationship between demographic characteristics and income. Task Answer the following discussion prompts in 250-300 words (total): Explain the concept of intersectionality in your own words. Pick two of the following characteristics and describe how the overlap of those two identities could impact …

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[ad_1] Reflect on the significance of sociology in your personal experience. Specifically examine how the sociological imagination can be applied to help you understand the impact of sociology in your own life. Be sure to define sociology, the sociological imagination and social forces (e.g., culture, social structure, socialization or social institutions). Reflect on the relationship …

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answer questions

[ad_1] After listening to ‘The First Family of Radio,’ please answer the following: 1. What did you find most surprising about the program? 2. What did you learn from the program? 3. What is one piece of information that you would share with friends about the program? LINK: [ad_2]

immune dysfunction

[ad_1] Discuss characteristic findings of an immune dysfunction. Explain what symptomology the patient would exhibit and how these symptoms may complicate daily living and relationships. [ad_2]

CJT-Police function

[ad_1]   In 2-3 pages, summarize Police Use of Force to include, but not  limited to, the dynamics of the use of force, regulating the use of  force, policies, use of force continuum. You should research nationally, you may research an individual police  department or sheriff’s office. Use credible resources in doing your  research. Do …

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