Month: October 2022


[ad_1] Topic: how to maximize productivity in project management.    1- 1100 to 1200 words paragraph  2- Five references.  You need to use each attachment once as a reference. 5 pdf files = 5 references  3- No introduction and conclusion. ONLY BODY. 4- Plagiarism free 5- APA Format 6- Make a basic 2 PowerPoint slides …

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risk management

[ad_1]  Risk management is one of the most important components in empowering an organization to achieve its ultimate vision. With proper risk management culture and knowledge, team members will be “speaking” the same language, and they will leverage common analytical abilities to identify and mitigate potential risks as well as exploit opportunities in a timely …

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Personalized Educational Narrative

[ad_1] Students will submit a critical reflection that discusses their personalized educational narrative that incorporates personal schooling experiences in Asian and class concepts in Asian and content to draw parallels or contrasts. This work encourages critical self-reflection by asking you to explore complicated issues in education by asking how educational opportunity relates to race, class, …

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Discussion Board pt 3

[ad_1] Describe the steps of a talent review session. What is the difference between performance and potential? How can you tell if a candidate has potential? Book: Chapter 11: Chapter 12: [ad_2]


[ad_1]   How is staffing done in a hospital What is involved in nursing students orientation at a hospital  How does the hospital benefit from students orienting there 1 page  1 scholarly article  [ad_2]

Addressing Biased Behavior about Race and Gender

[ad_1] See the attachment “Creating an Anti-Bias Learning Community: Diversity of Race and Gender”  form. Consider how you would  build help children get to know themselves better, build respect for  others, and combat stereotypes and prejudices that arise in the setting  in which you work with young children and their families through the  four aspects …

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