Month: October 2022


[ad_1]  As a leader, would you rather that your employees respected you or feared you? In your opinion, can a leader inspire both reactions from his/her employees?  (250-300 words) [ad_2]

Analyzing and Visualization data

[ad_1] What does the author mean by editorial thinking?  Also, this week there was a video of Andy Kirk (2015) noting the key concepts of data visualization thinking.  Please pick one major concept from the video and note what was said and your thoughts about the topic.   300 words in APA Format [ad_2]


[ad_1] After reading Our Iceberg is Melting, consider Kotter’s “Eight-Step Process of Successful Change” in relation to Evidenced Based Practice . Think about a relevant evidence-based practice change occurring on your unit  currently or in the past. (Don’t have a good example? It’s ok to come up with a hypothetical one based on experiences on …

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frie 6.2

[ad_1]  The final determination of a fire investigator has real world impact. Millions of dollars can be on the line. A criminal conviction can take away someone’s freedom. Because of this we must be able to reach a certain burden of proof. The three primary standards of proof are 1) proof beyond a reasonable doubt, …

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[ad_1] Guidelines for organization: You are the CEO of a large name-brand (feel free to assume any brand you like – Sandals, Marriott, etc.) resort in Mexico.  The global recession and economy have not been kind to your resort and business is off by 35% over the last three years.  Other large resorts in your …

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correctional 6.2

[ad_1]  According to the text, Mental health treatment programs are essential in prisons as many prisoners suffer from mental health problems.  In many states, there are mixed responsibilities between correctional and mental health agencies. Review the categories of mental health treatment discussed in the course material. Should we provide inmates with free mental health treatment …

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relationship between the financial statements

[ad_1]   Please discuss the relationship between the financial statements. What is the order in which the financial statements should be forecasted? If you use a website to answer this question, please summarize your findings and include the hyperlink. If you use the textbook, please include the page numbers. Sample Answer:(Don’t Copy paste the same) …

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week 6 discussion

[ad_1]   Chapter 15: Lewis, M. (2016). The emergence of human emotions. In L. Feldman Barrett, M. Lewis, & J. M. Haviland-Jones (Eds.),  Handbook of Emotions, 4 th Ed.  (pp. 272-292). New York, NY: Guilford Press. Chapter 17: Widen, S. C. (2016). The development of children’s concepts of emotion. In L. Feldman Barrett, M. Lewis, & J. M. Haviland-Jones …

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