Month: October 2022

discussion 1

[ad_1] 150 words   Discuss a time that you experienced some type of organizational change. What was the change, what factors drove it, how did management deal with resistance to it, and what was the final outcome? Continuing from the organizational change question; were the people involved with the change under stress? How did the …

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Agenda Funnel

[ad_1]  explain how the 10 issues Jansson outlined are important when trying to activate change regarding health disparities. Provide 2–3 sentences for each of the 10 issues:     Timing   Coupling   Framing and finding a title   Negotiating and bargaining   Assembling early sponsors and supporters   Routing   Media coverage   Setting key endorsements   Coalition building   Building momentum  [ad_2]


[ad_1]   At the end of April, the first month of operations, the following selected data were taken from the financial statements of Beth Cato, an attorney: Net income for April Total assets at April 30 $125,750 500,000Total liabilities at April 30 180,000Total owner’s equity at April 30 320,000In preparing the financial statements,adjustments for the following …

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[ad_1] no plagiarism  Topic : October is breast cancer awareness month and companies around the country hold events to raise money and awareness for the cause. Discuss creative ideas larger companies use in order to raise funds. Article should be recently Reference [ad_2]

Social Injustice and Cultural Identifiers Assignment Draft

[ad_1]   When controversies arise in schools, educators often research and access resources to support analysis, reflection, and problem-solving of these issues that affect the field of education, their students, and various other stakeholders involved. Using your assignment from Topic 2, sources found in the GCU Library, and the EDU-330 Guide, transform your ideas into …

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wk 3

[ad_1] Read the three categories of cloud-based services offerings and the “Falcon Security” case study in Chapter 6 in the textbook. Identify the advantages and disadvantages associated with cloud computing, and the definitions of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as service (SaaS), as described throughout the case.   …

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[ad_1] Your reflection should address (a) your self-discovery, including your attitudes and behaviors about health disparities and the individuals that carry the heaviest burdens associated with poor health and disabilities; (b) insights about health care professionals, consumers (patients), and the health system; (c) additional work that is necessary for you to become a more competent …

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