Month: October 2022

Week 7 Discussion

[ad_1] Prompt Some people are either a writer or an editor. By now, you have experienced some writing in your life. Which one are you, or would you like to be, and why? Incorporate at least one scholarly source into your response. Guidelines Post a minimum of 500 words and leave at least two references from the …

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week 4 examine the roles of diversity in research and practices

[ad_1] This week, you will reflect on the role of diversity in research and practice by developing a 3 to 5-page newsletter with two key articles: One “article” will be focused on describing the importance of diversity in the workplace and the challenges inherent to a diverse workplace relative to the forensic psychology field. This …

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Vulnerable populations

[ad_1] How might we better protect vulnerable people such as children, the elderly, the poor, and people of color? What can public health contribute to their protection? What should other professions/people do? Are there limits? What do you think we cannot do? [ad_2]

management pt 4

[ad_1] Diverse Teams Hold Court Critical Thinking Questions If you don’t have a diverse group of people on your team, how can you ensure that you will have robust discussions and decision-making? What techniques can you use to generate conversations from different perspectives? Evaluate your own team at work. Is it a diverse team? How …

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