Discussion Art

[ad_1]   Consider what you have learned about art exhibitions in this module. Then, read one of the following articles: Read:  “50 Years Later, Chicago Artists are Getting Their Due“, New York Times, https://nyti.ms/2Da9q7e Read:  “Art Institute postpones major Native American pottery exhibit over cultural insensitivity concerns at the last minute“, Chicago Tribune Read:  “‘In …

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4.2 discussion Pt 1

[ad_1] The text states that the United States imprisons “more people for drug offenses than Western European nations’ imprisonments for all crimes combined.” (Hari, 2015, p. 109). Hari (2015) later quotes Anslinger as stating substance misusers “were criminals first and addicts afterwards.” (p. 141) Finally, Hari (2015) describes a prison psychologist stating that many of …

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