430 discussion

[ad_1] Determine the strategies you plan to use to monetize your online store and explain why you have chosen those strategies. What are the benefits of each strategy you plan to use? Distinguish between two pricing strategies you are thinking about using. Analyze how database integration can increase your monetization. [ad_2]

chem assignment 10

[ad_1] Three Assignments for chem: 1. Part 1 – Assignment-  M10 Data Collection and Results Pages.pdf 2. Part2- Assignment-Hands-on Part 2 Data Collection and Results Pages.pdf 3. M10 Post_Lab Assignment .docx Also attached corresponding reading material and 6 images. Attached note from teacher for this module Due on 22nd April [ad_2]

week 4

[ad_1]   This week’s assignment has two parts. Please combine both parts into one document for submission. Part I: Write 1-2 pages synthesizing scholarly research related to stakeholder theory. What is stakeholder theory? What theorist is credited with developing stakeholder theory? What was the original purpose of this theory? How does this theory apply to …

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create a hypothetical agency 4

[ad_1]  basketball organization for kids   Risk Management Plan: Documents (e.g., waivers, health forms, emergency reports, accident forms). Risk Management (insurance coverage, inspection forms, supervision systems, personnel qualifications/training), i.e., Emergency Plans. Agency Promotion: Describe media to be used, degree of coverage (e.g., number of subscribers), and message size. Identify costs for design, printing, delivery, etc., and …

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Technology and society 3

[ad_1]   In your own words, define nanotechnology. In your own words, define biotechnology. Summarize the history of nanotechnology or biotechnology. Select a specific example of nanotechnology or biotechnology: Why is your example of nanotechnology or biotechnology important? Who invented your example of nanotechnology or biotechnology? What are some of the applications of your example …

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