[ad_1]   The Revenge of Nature had lasting impacts on the societies of the 14th and 15th centuries.  Examine these impacts on society and how it can be compared to the impact of nature during the time of COVID 19. Three pages in length.  3 supporting outside sources. APA format [ad_2]

Historical Reflection

[ad_1] Based upon the evidence examined this week, did WW II unleash permanent liberating changes for women, or did the post-war period bring about a loss of war-time gains and opportunities?  Consider our nation’s diverse population of women as you develop a three-paragraph response.  [ad_2]

World War 2

[ad_1] After the Second World War ended, in the famous Nuremberg Trials, the Allies (British, French, Americans, and Soviets) prosecuted twenty-two of Nazi Germany’s military, economic, and political leaders for their crimes against humanity. Others, like Hitler, escaped justice by committing suicide. But they alone were not responsible for carrying out the Holocaust. Many others …

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[ad_1] Discussion #10: The Struggle for Civil Rights Throughout the 1950s African Americans in northern cities grew increasingly active in opposing discrimination and in protesting white resistance to black progress in housing, education, and employment. Martin Luther King and others embarked on a campaign of nonviolent resistance and demonstrations, which spread to the south. Some …

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