UMGC IFSM 330 Candy Assignment

[ad_1]    UMGC IFSM 330 Candy Assignment Attachments: · 2017_product_data_students-final.csv · 2018_product_data_students-final.csv · 2019_product_data_students-final.csv · Candy_part_1_skeleton_for_students.SQL Your company wants to merge its old product order data into a new data mart to facilitate analysis. You have been tasked with writing an ETL (extract, transform, and load) code sequence, and executing it on three years’ worth …

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[ad_1]   For this week’s Discussion, please describe some considerations for selecting a specific architectural framework, and answer ONE of the following questions: Why are quality attributes (“ilities”) important when defining an architecture and why isn’t it a good idea to “bolt” these on at a later date? What are 2-3 considerations for evaluating an architecture? …

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