Course Project – Final Submission

[ad_1] The research project is a research-based paper on a Emerging Technologies topic.  Pick only one of the two topics listed below. You will develop your research project in stages throughout the course, to include:  selecting a topic, submitting an abstract/outline, and submitting your final project (paper) for evaluation.  You must support your materials by …

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Write a summary of the document

[ad_1] Select three U.S. companies from the same industry and review their annual reports to determine their accounting policy on foreign currency translation.  Given their practice on this issue, do you think their financial statements comparable? Explain your answer Could be a general approach under accounting  between the technologies companies or automobile industry  [ad_2]

Future Supply Chain

[ad_1]   Week 4 Discussion After reading the Future Supply Chain article (located in Documents and Resources) by Wednesday post your first response, answering the following questions, and on two of the following days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday) respond thoughtfully to two of your classmates. Consider the organization that you used for Assignment 1 …

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